Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is Captain X of the 'Don't text for X' campaign throught The X-Man Foundation

Captain X is a big little kid.

Captain X is a kid that may not be so little, that’s because he was supposed to grow up to be a linebacker with the Green Bay Packers.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is Captain X championing the 'Don't text for X' campaign against distracted driving

Like all Super Heroes, tragedy shaped the future of Captain X.  Xzavier was crossing the street the correct way,  just the way his mother had taught him.  Xzavier wasn’t allowed to ride his metal scooter in the street.  His mother Valetta Bradford taught Xzavier to sling that metal scooter over his shoulder when crossing the street and to hold onto his older sister’s hand and to only cross the street in the crosswalk.

Xzavier did everything right but the villain who hit Xzavier with her car didn’t care a fig about doing everything right.

Captain X is an advocate against distracted driving.  Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and mom Valetta Bradford are the super heroes behind The X-Man Foundation

Oblivious Girl was texting ‘I’m on my way’ while she was actually on her way.

Oblivious Girl had her foot on the gas pedal and her eyes on her communication device and her brain in her oblivious thoughts.  She wasn’t getting along with her boyfriend.  Fighting with him was more important than watching the road.  She was going to his house to continue some petty fight of her own making.

Oblivious girl was texting in a course of determined distracted driving when she struck Xzavier Davis-Bilbo

Oblivious Girl didn’t make it to her destination for hours after she sent the text that delivered Xzavier into the restricted zone.  Or maybe she did.  We just don’t know because like all super villains, Oblivious Girl got away.

The path of Oblivious Girl crossed the path of Captain X in the confounds of that school crosswalk and then they went on into their separate futures never to cross paths again but never to forget each other.

Oblivious Girl was fined $160 dollars or so and she is still driving around with a valid driver’s license.

The State of Wisconsin had passed a bill in May of 2010, the same year this assault occurred that would punish distracted drivers but because all government is a bit sluggish and corrupt like the infamous Gotham City no one expedited this bill into law in time to punish Oblivious Girl with more than a $160 dollar fine and the way the law is interpreted we can’t even expect criminal charges to be brought against Oblivious Girl if she strikes again and she is out there waiting to strike again because no super villain is ever content to kill only once.

‘What’s that you say?’ Oblivious Girl didn’t kill Captain X?  You’re right.  No villain can ever kill a super hero.  Captain X survived.  The surgeons told his mother Valetta Bradford that the metal scooter that Xzavier had slung across his shoulder saved his life that day.

That day was October 10, 2010.  10-10-10 – a  trio of 10’s.

Every year since that year on or near this day in October, Xzavier’s mom has hosted a ‘Walk for Awareness’ event that raises awareness about the consequences of distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.

Rain Woman is a super villain that attacks Captain X on 'Xzavier Day' an awareness walk hosted by Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford through The X-Man Foundation

This is the day that  Super Villain ‘Rain Woman’ tries to shut Captain X down with her rain machine.

And this year on October 11, 2014, Xzavier Davis-Bilbo  is being honored for his work in the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign and the ‘Don’t text for X’ campaign.  Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee issues his proclamation today at 1:45 p.m. that this day is ‘Xzavier Day!’

Click here to read more about ‘Xzavier Day!’

This is more proof that Xzavier is a super hero when the Mayor shows up!

Mayor Tom Barrett issues his proclamation of 'Xzavier Day' for the City of Milwaukee to honor Xzavier Davis-Bilbo for his work on the 'Don't text for X' campaign

Stay tuned for more on the Story of Captain X, same bat time, same bat channel!

In the meantime, you can donate on-line to the ‘Don’t text for X’ campaign by clicking here;


Xzavier Davis-Bilbo received an X-Box with 15 games for his big day.  'Xzavier Day' was proclaimed by Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee as October 11th

‘Games,  it’s always games with Xzavier’ says mom Valetta Bradford.  The lair of Captain X was compromised by other unrelated villains when Xzavier and his family appeared on one of the last episodes of ‘The Katie Couric Show’.  His Playstation and his X-Box were stolen along with all his games.  This is your opportunity to become a super hero and send our Captain X copies of those games you love and the devices to play them on.  Xzavier and mom Valetta run the ‘Don’t text for X’ campaign out of their own pocket.  Funds are donated few and far between, mostly because everyone we know is out there using cell phones in a determined distracted driving course giving little pause to the real possibilities that tragedy could strike them and turn them into the Jokers of the World preying upon the innocent.  These villains will end up in this series.  Captain X will carry on in his campaign ‘Don’t text for X’ stopping as many of them as he can but he’s only one kid,  ONE SUPER KID!!!

Send your unwrapped gifts to:

The X-Man Foundation

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PO Box 06061

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